With two wheels, you are more vulnerable than with the car body protecting you. If the zero risk does not exist, a few tips will help you to reduce the danger. It is time to review our 5 tips to pedal safely.


Check your equipment regularly


To pedal safely, you must avoid the mecanical upsets and regularly control your equipment. Your bike mustn't constitute a trap because it's failure can put you in danger.

A few regular points to control are essential to retain security :

- the frame

Review your frame and check that it's not weakened (cracks...). The junctions between the different tubes are to be checked meticulously.

- devices

The handlebar, the stem or even the saddle can be damaged without you noticing. So be careful and check there are not deformed or more fragile.

- the brakes

It seems stupid, but your brakes are also essential for your security. If they don't work well, you won't be able to avoid an obstacle.

- the tires

Scrutinise carefully your tires both tyre tread and sidewalls. Chase the holes, deformation, hernia or other anomalies. It is often necessary to replace them if you detect defaults on your tires.


Wear a helmet to pedal safely


We know that everyone doesn't like riding a bike with a helmet on. However, their structure is designed to reduce the shocks by protecting your head from bumping against something that would have a terrible consequence.

Beware, in case you fall, if it receives a shock, replace your helmet even if it doesn't look damaged. Actually, the structure could be cracked ou damaged in an area you can't see.


Wear the right outfit


According to the seasons, the wether forecast and the lightening change. Also according at what time you pedal, the traffic or the visibility change. To pedal safely, make sure to be seen in all circumtances.