What are the effects of compression socks ? Everyone has their own opinion and we find everything and its opposite on the internet. The compression is very successful, but the socks are they really useful or a useless accessory ? We evaluate the solutions separating the truth from the fake.


What positive effects procures the compression socks ?


Let's be clear, the ones who believe that compression socks clearly improve the performance will be disappointed. Indeed, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that shows an amazing improvment in your performance by wearing these precious socks.

However, many benefits have been proved by scientific studies carried out through the whole world.

Encourage venous return : by the compression, the bloodstream is encouraged which gives the opportunity to evacuate the lactate produced by the effort.

Improve the proprioception : for short efforts that require a good reaction speed, the proprioception allows a faster raction. During a sprint or short split efforts, you will fully appreciate the contribution for compression socks.


What impact on recovery ?


The positive impact of the compression on the recovery is scientificaly proved and admitted. Used for the 24 or 48 hours following an intense effort or a competition, the recovery socks will reduce the muscular fatigue.

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Crédit Photo : Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious