In summer, hydration is essential during your bike sessions. Some mistakes cause injuries, under-performance or digestive disorder. Follow our advices to foil the traps and hydrate yourself well in summer.


Regularly wash your cans and hydration pack

Whether you prefer cans or hydration packs, one single and even ritual must be done after your bike ride : the cleaning. You must know that if you don't clean your accessory properly they will be full of bacterium.

To wash your can, you can proceed like washing a baby bottle. A bit of hot water, dishwashing liquid and swabs are necessary to wash properly your can and its lid.

 A thorought rinsing with clean water and your cans are ready for the next use.


To wash an hydration pack, equip yourself with a special cleaning kit to be able to wash every part of your accessory.


Drink water or an energy drink ?


To hydrate yourself, you can choose to drink water or energy drinks. For a 1h session, water could be enough, but it won't be for sessions of 2h30 or more. In that case, privilege energy drinks.

We consider you must drink at least a can per hour, but in summer, you will probably consume more than the rest of the year. Make sure your have water points all along your route to refill your water reserves.


Fresh water : beware of danger !


Drinking water that's too cold certainly has the capacity to refresh and dehydrate yourself. But the problem lies in the intestines that don't appreciate cold water and will make you notice it.

Ingesting water that's too cold can cause tummy ache and even diarrhea.

You can drink the first can at a room temperature and the second can be fresh. While drinking the first can, the second one will go down at a room temperature.

 To proscribe : the can of water in the freezer assures you to have cold water all along your session. However, but you risk to have gastric problem. In summer, you should often renew your water reserves instead of drinking melted ice.


To keep you well hydrated in summer, privilege water at room temperature and energy drinks for long sessions. Also don't forget to clean up your cans et hydration pack's after every session. And you, what are your tips to be well hydrated in summer ?