The 2016 "Tour de France"  has begun and 198 pro cyclists are competing for the biggest cycling race of the year. Each team has its own objectives, such as a place in the overall ranking, a stage win, a leader jersey... To do so, the team managers count on different cyclists profiles which we are going to describe throughout this article.

The Sprinter

This racing cyclist is clearly not scared to tackle and elbow his way through the race. He is very powerful and is skilled with a good burst of speed. Backed up by his team mates until the last 200-300 meters, the sprinter has the mission to finish up his team mates' job who sometimes have worked during all the stage.

He wants stage wins, the yellow jersey early on in the race, or the esteemed victory of the Champs Elysée during the last stage, and the green points jersey.

However he has to battle through the moutains to not be outside the time limit which is not always easy for a well-built cyclist.

The Climber

The climber flys up the hills and mountains as soon as soon as he meets a slope. He often looses too much time during the time trial, but you better not let him have much of a head start.

He can aim for the stage wins, the king of the mountains jersey, and the overall ranking.

The "Rouleur"

The "rouleur" is a relentless racer. He generally will go for a long one or prepare a sprint for his sprinter. He especially likes  the solo efforts and is very efficient on the time trials.

He aims for the stage win, or may even wear the yellow jersey if the "Tour de France" starts with a prologue.

The Puncher

The puncher cyclists are highly skilled and will take the opertunatey when they smell the right moment to attack.

The Fighter

Very close to the pucher, the fighter isn't scared to attack from a very long distance on his own. He is tough minded and not scared to do a few hundred kilometers on his own.

He attempts to win stages by making huge physical efforts, and in the worst case scenario, he will obtain the "super-combativity" trophee of the day. By repeating this achievement, he will obtain the "super-combativity" trophee of the "Tour de France".


We have now reviewed the different kinds of racing cyclists during the "Tour de France", and you can now analyse more easily the stages broadcasted on TV. What kind of profile do you prefer?