BBB Cycling Helmet Bike Adult MTB And Road Bike Helmet

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  • ADULT BIKE HELMET WITH REMOVABLE VISOR: The Condor 2.0 bike helmet features a removable visor to swap between a mountain bike helmet and Road bike helmet
  • STAY COOL: The bicycle helmet has 18 in-built vents to let air circulate and keep you cool
  • TRAVEL BAG: The adult bike helmet comes with a handy travel bag for protection and easy transport of the helmet
  • INSECT PROTECTION: The adult bike helmet features adjustable straps and specialised insect mesh to keep bugs out
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: You can easily adjust the height and circumference of the bike helmet with one handed TwistClose system
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BBB Cycling Helmet Bike Adult MTB And Road Bike Helmet

Adult Women And Men Adult Bike Helmet With Detachable Visor And Travel Bag Condor 2.0 BHE-173T

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BBB Cycling is a Part of your ride

BBB Cycling Condor 2.0 Bike Helmet Road and MTB | BHE-173T

Comfortable Bike Helmet

Road Helmet MTB Helmet

Helmet Bag


The Condor helmet is designed to fit every type of rider. Thanks to the Easy TwistClose adjustment system, the helmet will feel comfortable on every shape of head.

Ready for every ride

Thanks to the intelligent design with a removable visor, this helmet is multifunctional.

The Condor is the best combination of our mountain bike and road helmets and stands its ground on all surfaces. On road or off-road, with the Condor you will get home safely.

Helmet Travel Bag included

Comes with a handy travel bag for helmet protection and easy transport. This will protect your helmet from scuffs and scratches.

BBB Cycling Helmets: Perfect quality guaranteed

Retention System

Good Ventilation



Retention Systems

All our helmets are provided with in-house designed retention systems. You will only find those systems on BBB helmets. We designed them to fit perfectly to the helmets.

These systems can easily be adjusted in circumference just the way you want it to be. All of them can be adjusted with only one hand. Some of them can also be adjusted in height to make the perfect fit for everybody.


When you are cycling your body will produce a lot of warmth and if the body gets overheated itwill influence your performance negatively.

A helmet would normally be bad for the ventilation, but we have invented several ways to overcome these troubles.

Straps & Dividers

On our helmets you’ll find two types of dividers, with a locking or sliding system. Both are adjustable and make sure the straps won’t irritate you anymore.

We provide our helmets with standard or lightweight straps, for the real speed devils that care about every gram.

For every cyclist

Man or woman, beginner or professional, BBB Cycling wants to be there for every rider.

Thanks to the wide range of products and colors, there is a good product for every cyclist to get the best performance and still match your cycling gear.

BBB Cyling - Part of your Ride

Part of your Ride – More than 20 years experience

BBB Cycling wants to be there for every cyclist. We are out there on each and every ride, bringing fun to cycling, and making sure cyclists are spending more time on their bikes together with their friends. Riding your bike is something special. It makes you feel carefree and lets you enjoy the moment. It’s exactly that feeling that we treasure and want to elevate with our products.

For more than 20 years BBB Cycling is part of your ride. We offer a wide range of products, all designed within the walls of our headquarters in Leiden, the Netherlands. No matter if you are a road cyclist, mountain biker, gravel specialist or e-biker, we got you covered! We are committed to develop thoughtful products, in which feedback from the end consumer is important, as well as our own experience in cycling and prototype testing.

Are you riding with us?

Weight 570 kg
Dimensions 34.1 × 24.1 × 18.2 cm
Age range



‎Matt Black


‎M (54-58cm)

Material type


Number of items






Included components

‎1 x Helmet





Item model number


Package Dimensions ‏

‎34.1 x 24.1 x 18.2 cm; 570 Grams



Date First Available

15 Mar. 2022


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10 reviews for BBB Cycling Helmet Bike Adult MTB And Road Bike Helmet

  1. Mr T-Woo ✅

    I loved the look of the helmet, it looks stylish and well made, the straps helped it fit really well, for me I found although there was some padding it wasn’t as comfy as I’d have exacted, this could be due to my head being at the higher end of the size fitting so maybe it was tight but I would hope for the price it would feel great for all sizes within the range.It comes with a storage bag too which was a nice extra.

  2. Nile

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     This is a great, well made cycle safety helmet for adults and teens.It feels lightweight and very comfortable. It has lovely padding inside that cushions it against the top of your head.There is a twist and close system on the back of the head that adjusts the tightness of the helmet to ensure a snug secure fit.The outer section is a Matt blue and this would suit either men or women.There are mesh panels in between the front sections of the helmet to prevent insects from entering the spaces. This is quite a large mesh so small insects may still go through.This cycle helmet arrived in a display box and includes a grey drawstring storage bag.I’m very pleased with this helmet, it’s seems a quality item and I can fully recommend it.

  3. Mr. A. Tanca

    The fit is very good, among the most comfortable I tried.Adjust it is quite strightforward as well.There is a mesh on the top at the front which should help avoiding insects in your hair.Initially I understood that there might be some mesh which could be put over the eyes or face too (plenty of mosquitoes where I ride) but it ony covers the openings in the front.It is one of the two best fitting helmets I have tried and it feels like it offers good protection.My favourite one has also a magnetic eye shield which this one misses.The pouch is well made and useful to carry it around or hanging it in our garage while protecting it from dust.

  4. Stereo

    This is an exceptionally light and comfortable to wear helmet that should provide very good protection indeed in the event of an accident. I like the venting – there’s plenty of it to keep my head cool! It’s very simple to adjust whilst wearing, with an easy to reach and operate adjustment wheel at the back. I only wear this for leisurely cycling, but the visor is interchangeable for more serious cyclists. It arrives with a storage bag. There’s a lot of competition, but this helmet is excellent value for money at sub £50 (at the time of writing).

  5. C. C. Chivers

    This is my very first bicycle helmet, so I have nothing to compare it against, but I love it!It feels very robust which is the most important point. Equally, to my surprise, the back can be adjusted to fit most head sizes simply by turning a little wheel, so it fits perfectly snugly on me. The gaps allow good airflow and probably help with pliability in the event of an accident so the helmet won’t crack, but rather bend, yet keep the wearer safe.The inner pads that line the helmet in various places can be removed, presumably for washing, as can the peak, though I haven’t figured out how just yet. Moreover, I can’t figure out what the little flat tube at the back is for.The accompanying bag can be useful in keeping the helmet clean and carrying it around more discreetly, but everything comes with a bag as standard nowadays.I chose the white, so I will be visible even on the darkest of nights, hopefully and there are enough places on the helmet for extra reflectors if wanted.As a means of keeping one safe, this is an excellent purchase.

  6. Reviews by Yasmin

    A little chunky but it will protect your head which most important.Easy to adjust whilst on head and tighten and it felt comfortable and not too heavy. I’m fact the helmet is pretty light weight.The matte black colour is sleek and aesthetic though I’ve noticed some areas are already scratched off from hitting the helmet.

  7. S Leo

    Plenty of good thing to a well thought out helmet.For the top, you have a removable visor.Then comes the 18 vents, and the insect mesh.At the back, you have a twist tighten knobs.And inner, quite a bit of cushion for comfort.The outer matt black finish gives a a premium feel.Price is very reasonable around the £40 mark.

  8. Lelouch

    Got this for my dad and M size fits him perfectly. He said it was comfortable, fits well, and the mesh top is nice to let air through, but keep things from getting in.Nice bright white colour so it’s easily visible on the road, and the helmet feels sturdy and reliable to protect him. Cushioned well in case of impact, which hopefully doesn’t happen, but it’s there if it does.Adjustable straps for comfort and to secure the helmet well, which is pretty standard.Relatively light in weight, which is great and comes with a pouch to carry the helmet if it’s required.Great quality and at £42.94 this isn’t too bad. Bicycle helmets come in a great range of prices and it’s hard to tell one from the other in quality. This feels reliable and I’d rather pay a little more to better protect, than go too cheap.

  9. Julie D

    Arriving in an attractive branded box, this adult cycle helmet very much looks the part if you’re considering gifting. Inside the box is a highly stylish, lightweight but very protective helmet in matte black. The interior of the helmet consists of the usual dense foam bonded onto the outer shell.There’s an internal harness which cradles the skull and a chin strap. A rotating button on the rear of the helmet enables the internal harness to be adjusted and the chin strap has a quick release toggle. You can switch styles by removing the front visor – but don’t discard it as it gives good eye protection from the sun.A nice – and useful – feature with this BBB cycling helmet is that there’s a branded drawstring storage bag included in dark grey silky fabric. Overall, this is a smart looking, lightweight and good quality helmet that’s worth the asking price.

  10. Craig Rouse

    I do a lot of mountain biking it’s nice to have this helmet. It’s really comfortable & feels durable.It’s adjustable so can be suitable for multiple different head sizes. The pads inside can be taken out and washed to keep it clean. The clasp that locks the helmet feels good quality and durable.I opted for the blue colour it’s a Matt finish and I like the colour. Matches multiple different jerseys I wear. The part at the front of the helmet is detachable so you don’t always need to use that.Over all really good quality helmet. Feels comfortable, feels good when wearing & a good colour. Excellent value for money really happy with this product. I feel safe and secure when wearing it.

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