Topeak Joe Blow Max II Floor Pump

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Colour Black
Brand Topeak
Material Aluminium
Item weight 1.45 Kilograms
Item dimensions L x W x H 67.5 x 24 x 12.7 centimetres
  • Oversized steel barrel and durable engineering-grade plastic base
  • Base mounted 120psi gauge with pressure indicator dial
  • TwinHead connector for Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valves
  • Composite thumb-lock lever ensures air-tight seal
  • Includes ball and air bladder needles
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Topeak Joe Blow Max II Floor Pump

An entry level leader with features you will find on more expensive pumps. Topeak quality and durability in a more affordable price point.

From the manufacturer

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Topeak is the world leader in developing and producing innovative accessories designed to make cycling more convenient, more accessible and more fun at every level. They are cyclists at the core and create the finest quality tools, pumps, racks, bags, lights and other products, guaranteed to enhance the cycling experience. Many of Topeak’s award-winning creations are recognised as the benchmark in performance, craftsmanship and value in every category. When it comes to biking, Topeak help cyclists prepare to ride.

Weight 1.45 kg
Dimensions 67.5 × 24 × 12.7 cm
Age range





‎One Size


‎JoeBlow Max II

Material composition

‎Barrel: Painted Steel; Base: Composite


‎11 centimetres

Item display length

‎73 centimetres

Item display width

‎24 centimetres

Material type


Number of items


Power source

‎Corded Electric







Included components


Batteries included?






Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎67.5 x 24 x 12.7 cm; 1.45 Kilograms



Date First Available

5 Jan. 2010



10 reviews for Topeak Joe Blow Max II Floor Pump

  1. Mr Richard McEwan

    Pump good, but lucky it actually worked since the Amazon packaging was damaged and box split open.Overall, the packaging could have and should have been better.

  2. Iain Davidson

    Good track pump, dual sided and simple to use. Provides good inflation rate and works as expected.

  3. John the Bees

    After reading a review in an online cycle magazine I went for the Topeak Joe Blow Max II. It wipes the floor with my previous pump. I have only used it once but can’t believe how smooth, and quick it is in use. I can’t think how they could improve on this for the high end of their rangeI am an average cyclist so definitely no expert (although I am an engineer). It seems well made and rugged. The base/foot plate is stable enough and fit for purpose – again better than my previous pump. The handle is comfortable but at fewer than 30 pumps to get from flat to pressure after fixing a punctureI could put up with worse. I will update if it does not last but wow.

  4. CLG

    Pumping tyres is a bane. This makes it easy. Bought one, then got this for a friend. They love it too. I still never remember which of the two options to use but that’s probably just me. I’m not that way minded. But my bike tyres are pumped up in no time without having to kneel on the floor or turn the wheel around etc etc etc. Easy, good. Love it. Very durable. Have had it for years and lend it to my neighbour and we both cycle a lot.

  5. drijackson

    I like the big gauge making reading the pressure easy. Not tested it for accuracy yet but seems pretty good.

  6. Bob Gordon

    It is of mixed quality and the metal tube is particularly good. However, the foot piece is cheap flimsy plastic. The gauge is good and accurate. Topeak should provide clear instructions or put a video on YouTube. The fitting to the valve was a new one to me but luckily someone had put a video on YouTube. This is the fourth floor pump I have owned over 50 years and it is by no means the best, but the price is good and it does the job. I have no confidence in the plastic parts and if you are looking for a workshop pump or one that is going to be used a lot, look elsewhere.

  7. Androo

    I should have bought one of these years ago. It’s my first floor pump. So instead of labouring away with my tiny ’emergency’ pump, I just connect this and a few easy strokes later my tyres are inflated just right. If you’ve never tried one of these floor pumps it will be a revelation.The pump has Presta on one side of the adapter and Schroeder on the other. If there are other types of valve on bikes I don’t know what they are. You also get an adapter to inflate footballs and other inflatables.My mountain bike uses Presta valves and the adapter locks on with a yellow lever. Because the pump is separated from the tyre by a tube, you’re not putting any back and forth pressure on it so it stays in place while you pump. Still, the yellow lever feels just a bit flimsy and could be a failure point. At least there’s no hissing of air leaking out while you’re pumping.The pressure gauge is big and easy to read. It’s really easy to pump tyres to the exact pressure you want. I can’t say whether it would be good for the higher pressure you need in a road bike, but for a mountain bike at 50 psi or so it’s no problem.

  8. Pork C. Fish

    Bought this for our two bikes, which require 65 psi and a special needle to inflate. This comes with a couple types. It really pumps well. I think I went from 20 psi to the 65 psi needed in about five pumps. But you do get a bit of an arm workout, so if you have low upper body strength, do have someone do this for you.There’s nothing to using this. You hook it up, stand on the feet, pump. The dial is easy enough to see. I have some vision issues right now, but I managed all right.This is not terribly portable to take with you unless you attach it to your bike somehow. It might be too big for a backpack. However, those little emergency ones will take days to fill a proper bike tire. We have the Giant Talon. The tyres obviously are not like a ten speed’s. So heads up there.

  9. Nick

    I am a mountain biker and so have a lot of Topeak kit. The Alien 2 is especially awesome. But, was a bit worried about buying the newest version of the Joe Blow, as, across brands, newer versions are getting less well built, less effective and just not as good. No such worries here, the new Joe Blow is as brilliant as it’s always been.

  10. Yui Hin Edwin Chau

    The pump is extremely well made, and came with so much packaging i could chuck the box out of my window and it would be perfectly fine, it came with the ball and inflatable adapters with a convenient spot in the bottom of the pump to store the adapters that dont fall out, it delivers a lot of air with ease and i love the gauge as its bigger than most other guages on floor pumps so I can approximately check the psi for my mountain bike tyres without needing to buy another electronic pressure gauge, its very high quality for the price your paying.

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