DAHON VYBE D7 Folding Bike, Lightweight Aluminium Frame 7-Speed

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  • 【The DAHON Advantage】DAHON is the undisputed king of folding bikes. Join our family of millions of cyclists powered by our leading technology.
  • 【7-Speed Derailleur & V-Brake】A genuine Dahon 7-speed rear derailleur gives you the opportunity to cruise or shift in high gear and a V-brake slows the bike down quickly but smoothly.
  • 【Foldable Design】The foldable design makes it easy for you to carry and store your bike. It can be folded in less than 10 seconds, which saves an extra 30-60% of time compared to many other bikes in the market.
  • 【Durable Aluminum Frame】With a high-strength aluminum frame, this folding bike is lightweight, durable and has a high load-bearing capacity.
  • 【Lightweight Folding Bike】Designed for leisure and daily commuting, this DAHON 20″ folding bike has a folded size of 31.5”(L) x 13.6” (D) x 26.18” (H), and weighs only 25.7lbs. This makes it quite compact and easy to stow away into the trunk of most cars. Suitable for a rider height from 4’9” to 6’2” and a maximum rider weight of 230lbs.
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DAHON VYBE D7 Folding Bike, Lightweight Aluminium Frame 7-Speed Dahon Gears 20” Foldable Bicycle for Adults

Dahon VYBE D7 Folding Bike – Black

Our lightweight aluminum Vybe D7 gets you moving’ with a fun retro design and seven speeds of versatility. This groovy folding bike promises convenience and true riding comfort, with all the compact folding features that today’s busy people have come to expect.


Weight 453.59 kg
Dimensions 84 × 31 × 65 cm
Age range


Bike type

‎Folding Bike

Brake type

‎Linear Pull




‎20 inch



Frame material


Number of speeds



‎Lightweight, Foldable





Wheel size

‎20 Inches

Included components


Batteries included?






Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎84 x 31 x 65 cm; 453.59 Grams



Date First Available

27 May 2020


‎Dahon, ‎shen zhen shi mei da hang ke ji you xian gong si

10 reviews for DAHON VYBE D7 Folding Bike, Lightweight Aluminium Frame 7-Speed

  1. E. Simon

    For the Price I’d Buy It Again
    Long time mountain and road biker, so I know this stuff pretty well. Came perfectly packaged. Dahon doing a very good job with that. The quality on it is excellent. And it rides like a dream. But, the magnets which supposedly hold it together when in the folded state, are quite weak. The bike snaps apart with the slightest movement. A small Bungee cord takes care of that however. I need it to stay stuck because I need to lift it up onto a rack. It must remain stuck together. We have the red and it’s very nice, high gloss.Some small issues: the shifting is not precise, so I’ll get it over to the local shop for some minor Shimano adjustments. Not a big deal and even expected. Also, the amount of brake-lever-travel is not equal on both sides. (#*&^$#) The brake lever angles on the handlebar are also slightly off, easy to change that however. But, the brakes will stop you on a dime, no squealing, grabbing or vibrations. They just stop you. Tires roll easily even on moderate gravel. The kickstand is smooth, but it stands the bike up too tall, almost to the point of it tipping over the other way. It’s presence is also a bit of a nuisance when folding the bike. It slows that process down a bit. Not a deal-breaker tho’.I had ordered the bike without fenders and rear rack, but that’s not the one I got. No complaints there. Those extras add very little weight because the fenders are made of a substantial plastic material which is also flexible. The rack is very well designed and integrates nicely with the bike. Very solid and a good idea. Glad to have it.I would have given 5 stars if those magnets really held together so that I could lift the bike without having it come apart. But, as I said, a small bungee cord does a better and more reliable job anyway.Last comment: Why is it that a bike this small weighs as much, or more, than a full size road bike? I know there are lighter folding bikes out there, lighter than 25 pounds that is, but with a commensurately higher price too!Bottom Line: I don’t think you can find a better, better designed, better looking, or better performing “folding” for the price.Follow up review: I took the bike over to our bike shop and in two minutes they had the gears/shifting and brakes perfectly adjusted. So, no issue there. And I did have them remove the kickstand. Don’t need it. And, as a bonus, without the kickstand, the bike now folds MUCH easier and the magnets connect much more securely. But still staying with the bungee cord as well.

  2. Gaofeng

    Not so sure about its size
    It’s a little too small for adults.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Great value
    Summer came and I was looking for a foldable bike so that I can avoid any headache like stealing or rust. And I found the brand Dahon. It’s a pioneer in foldable bike field similar to Levis in denim jean history. Since I decided the brand, I tried to find the offline store but there was no store take care of this brand in Toronto. Official website was not up-to-date with the store locater. So i was worried for damage while couriering but finally placed an order online. It was pretty quick and when I unboxed it I was so happy with my decision. It’s pretty compact when its folded. Color is actually MATT BLACK (not sure whether explained) which I like more. It’s a good combination with Thousand helmet. Only thing was tire needs to be inflated which was not a big deal for me. Just visit Canadian Tire gas station with toonie. Thanks.

  4. Bunkie

    Lightweight easy to fold. Very high quality bike. Good price.
    David Hon was an aeronautical engineer before he decided not to make space weapons and make commuter bicycles instead. So the technology is superb on this bike. Thank you.

  5. Amazon Customer

    You can fold it and put it anywhere you want
    Bike ride, smooth

  6. Boy

    Very large cosmetic scratches
    I like the bike but not sure why a new one comes with large cosmetic scratch where the paint is damaged badly.Edited: the panel thread is also broken 😞Please check out the photos.

  7. AznTxn

    One problem
    I don’t see where I can call for support. The bike is missing the bolt and nut to lock the seat in place outside of this it seems solid.

  8. Bryan Rabilas

    Assembly require a bike shop that deals with Dahon.
    Do not assemble the bike yourself. Send it to bike shop for professional assembly. If you assemble it yourself the warranty is void. Dahon won’t pay for parts and labor.Don’t buy it if no bike shop around.

  9. LegoGirl

    Portability at a premium
    I’ve been looking for a lightweight folding bike for a while, to make it easier for me to take it out to trails and parks even in a smaller vehicle. This one is pretty compact when closed and I can easily throw it in the truck of my car, also better for storing in small spaces like an entrance vestibule. But portability comes at a premium price; if you need this feature then the bike is probably worth the investment though.Folding/unfolding is a simple process: there are locking latches for the mainframe, seat, and handlebars. Unfortunately, in shipping the two front wheels of my bike got jammed together where the magnets are supposed to meet (see photo), which prevented unfolding for the first time. I ended up unscrewing one magnet to get the wheels apart, then re-screwing it. The magnets help keep the front wheels closed when the bike is folded, and they look properly aligned now so I hope this was a fluke shipping issue.The paper manual is useless. Go to the internet and there are videos you can watch that clearly show the folding and unfolding process. This particular bike is an entry-level model from Dahon, but I’m impressed with how all the components look and feel; definitely solid and sturdy to ride. Handlebars and seat have plenty of adjustment room to accommodate people of different heights.I will say the bike has an unusual “look” with the low rear wheel; kind of reminds me of trick bikes I see teens riding in my neighborhood. I still have an old-school style Cruiser bike as well, but having this Dahon folding model has made it a lot more convenient for me to get away from home to other locations for a ride.One very annoying feature: the gear switch on the handlebar is way too easy to accidentally turn. To avoid doing that, you have to keep your right hand ONLY on the small tip of the handlebar grip, which isn’t natural or comfortable for long rides.

  10. Nu

    Low and foldable, fairly lightweight
    This DAHON VYBE D7 Folding Bike is by far my most expensive bike, but the only one that is foldable which is pretty cool. Most bike requires a rack on top or back of a sedan to transport. This is a great addition to our trip to the park, and I particularly like how low and lightweight it is. I don’t see it as worth $700 though, but I’m also not at all experienced in bikes and their mechanics. So I can’t say if it’s worth the price, but it’s an overall really cool bike that is foldable and will fit in the trunk of a sedan.

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