DYU Folding Electric Bike 14 inch Portable E-bike

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  • 【Powerful Electric Bike】 250W 36V Motor: The electric bike can reach a maximum speed of 25km/h and a maximum incline of 15 degrees. The 10Ah rechargeable lithium battery ensures a long battery life. It can travel 35-40KM in light bike mode. Provide transportation for outdoor travel. It is suitable for cycling on public urban roads and rural mountain roads.
  • 【High Quality & Foldable】 Aluminum-magnesium alloy body, low density, high strength, light weight and easy to carry. (Folded format: 116 x 21 x 74 cm). Electric bikes fold up quickly and are easy to use and store. The maximum capacity is 120 kg. The 14-inch one-piece aluminum alloy tires have a stronger grip. Front fork shock absorber, middle shock absorber, ride more comfortable and stable.
  • 【Adjustable Seat & 3 Riding Modes】 Pure electric mode, fitness riding mode and ordinary bike mode, three-speed speed control and Battery Indicator, you can choose freely. The height of the seat and handlebar can be adjusted, which is suitable for people of different builds to find the best position for a comfortable ride. Suitable for teenagers and adults.
  • 【Safe Riding】 Front and rear dual disc brakes and electronic brakes fully improve braking performance and shorten stopping distance. Plus, custom front and rear disc brakes offer added driving protection. Safety LED headlights and bicycle bell make you safer when you go out. Especially at night as you can be seen and heard by cars and pedestrians.
  • 【Built-in Large Battery, After-Sales Service】 Large capacity lithium battery module, electronic control system, charger and integrated three-in-one design. We provide 24-hour technical support. If there are any problems with the product, we will provide technical support, replace the product or return the product for free.
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DYU Folding Electric Bike 14 inch Portable E-bike, Smart Electric Bicycle with Pedal Assist

3 Riding Modes City EBike with Battery Indicator, Height Adjustable, Compact Portable, Unisex Adult





Product Description


DYU D3F Folding Electric Bike


DYU Folding electric bikes combine the ease of portability with the additional convenience of motor assistance. This makes them the ideal bikes for city commuters, cycle tourists, or motorists.

DYU D3F folding E-bike will fit in your closet and under your desk, meaning it’s almost infinitely portable! It’ll even fit in the trunk of your car or easily into your RV so you can take it anywhere with you.


250W High speed motor

250W brushless electric machine.10Ah large capacity battery.


Dual Disc Brakes Design

Durable high carbon steel frame and dual mechanical disc brakes provide more durability and safety on your cycling.


Widened &Thickened Design

Ensure long-term riding comfort and experience every comfortable journey.


Adjustable seat

Ensure long-term riding comfort and experience every comfortable journey.


250W High speed motor


Dual Disc Brakes Design


Widened &Thickened Design


Adjustable seat

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 117 × 50 × 99 cm
Age range


Bike type

‎Electric Bike

Brake type





‎14 inch

Frame material



‎65 centimetres

Item display length

‎117 centimetres


‎17.5 Kilograms

Item display width

‎50 centimetres

Material type


Number of items


Number of speeds



‎Aluminum Frame, Electric



Wheel size

‎14 Inches

Included components

‎1 * 90% electric bicycles assembled, 1 * charger, 2 * Allen wrenches, 1 * hex wrench, 2 * pedals, 1 * manual

Batteries included?




Maximum weight capacity

‎100 Kilograms



Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎117 x 50 x 99 cm; 18 Kilograms



Date First Available

18 May 2021


‎DYU, ‎F-wheel

10 reviews for DYU Folding Electric Bike 14 inch Portable E-bike

  1. Helenka

    Incredible mode of transportation – but let’s skip to the interesting part…Sturdy:I was hit by a car and my bike was ran over, it was absolutely wrecked but any other the bike would’ve crumpled and added to my injuries.I purchased another bike (August) a month after being hit and somehow feel confident again.This is your reminder that no matter how many lights, reflective apparel and safely cycling on a random Wednesday morning in July can STILL get hit by a motorist texting.Be safe but don’t quitElectric:Honestly, peddling is difficult for me, particularly with my hefty bags for work but I just ride around on this which is cheaper than taxis and swifter than walking & usually driving as you can take shortcuts.Weight:It’s not as leisurely to carry as it looks, but still tolerable.Effort / Disability:Best part about this is you don’t require peddling to keep the bike going, so be as sluggish as you want. When you pedal, it has the power to go 5x further than you’d think.Accessories:The wheels are small, which makes it difficult to find a place to repair or replace them (I tried with the destroyed bike)I highly advise adding accessories to make it more comfortable as the price of A better seat is worth saying bye to aches.Circling back to the car collision, I was wearing a hoodie, 2 jackets, thick leggings and a helmet even during the warm weather and it utterly shielded me. I was cut and bruised through those layers and my The helmet got beaten up. Don’t. Cheap. Out.Buying an extra charger is wise too, I only charge my bike at work after hearing about electrical issues for e-bikes in general and it’s free to charge.I struggled to find add-ons that correctly fit e.g. a basket as the bike structure is ever so slightly dissimilar.Once again, stay safe!

  2. mark harris

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     When i first got this bike i thought its way too small for me being 6ft 2, but it surprised me how comfortable it is to ride pedalling or just off the electric motor.I’ve hasd loads of people comment and ask where i had it from.If you’re like me and used to riding a full size bike at first this is a little wobbly due to the small wheels give it half hour and its great.Easy to set up out the box within 15 minutes i was out on it,I thought i had an issue with the battery charger after 4 hours not turning green? Called customer services who advised to leave it on charge for up.to 7 hours first time as they have been stored in a warehouse, did this and now it works as it should.FYI customer service is amazing thank you for all your help.It arrived earlier than expected too, so thank you again.Thinking about buying one of these just do it, one thing i would suggest to the manufacturers if you want it completely foldable you need to get pedals that fold too apart from that nothing needs changing….UPDATE: The pedals do fold!See video 👀I only found this out today hopefully it will help some of you?.

  3. shhwab

    I have had 3 electric bikes, 2 of which were full size 48v (250w) and another 36v (250w) but the dyu is by far and away the least powerful!The dyu looks ok, it feels very well made and it can traverse dirt etc fairly well, asuming its completely flat. This is the problem. My other bikes have all been able to power up hills, tackling slight (few degree) inclines with ease, yet the dyu struggles with just a few degrees. This is especially noticable as the max speed, even going down hill is 13mph (tested with gps over a couple of miles) but going back up the same slight incline the speed drops to 8-10mph. With a modest 5° incline, the bike will only move with pedal assistance. My other bikes would have easily shot up the hills at 15mph.The next issue is range. I weigh 90kg, so fully dressed maybe 95kg, but the bike can only reach less than 10 miles. I have charged a few times and have the same results each time. This is also on fairly flat ground with pedal assist to set off. The power is also inconsistant with full power for the first led (25%) but then the power deminishes significantly. After 50% the power is very poor and can no longer move without pedal assist. With only 25% left the bike is fairly useless.My other bikes experienced power loss, but not before the battery was nearly depleted, maybe 15-20% left. Mynother bikes, one from 9 years ago (48v – 10amp battery – 250w) could easily achieve 25 miles as i worked 12.5 miles from home and used it there and back with battery to spare. The dyu would not make it one way.Note: The pedal gear ratio is low, so at 13mph you are pedalling like hamster in a wheel. This prevents higher speeds via pedalling.The next issue is something inside constantly rattles and bangs. Its probably the battery, but is very annoying.Are there any positives? Maybe for a childs toy who will use on a carpark, but for an adult, not really as the bike simply has little power and range.2 stars as it could be fun for children or maybe adults who want to simple take there time on a scenic path.

  4. Joanne Ellis-Jones

    I don’t normally write reviews, but I have to say I love this bike! It is so much fun – like a cross between a scooter and a bike as you don’t have to pedal to move, which I think you do with many electric bikes. We have some pretty steep hills that I hate walking up and I could never get up them on a standard bike, but find this bike makes it easy. It’s easy to charge and I specifically wanted a folding bike as I live in a rural area, so if I have to drop my car at the garage a few miles away, I can put the bike in the boot and cycle home. I just think this bike is amazing value for money, costing less than a kit to convert my mountain bike to electric! I bet it would be great riding it around towns, on smoother roads, but it really is great around the country lanes! I admit I found it a bit wobbly to start with, mainly because I hadn’t ridden a bike for a few years, but also as it has small wheels, but it didn’t take me long to get used to it.

  5. JMJM

    This bike is really good and well worth the money (when compared to the very high price of electric bikes generally!).Here’s what I wish I’d known before I bought this particular bike.1. It’s one speed. There are no gears. Surprisingly this one gear is very versatile.2. The centre of gravity is very low, with those small wheels, so be aware when going over bumps. This is fine in a city, or on a road, but I wouldn’t feel safe going on any loose surface riding this bike.3. The modes of operation are as follows: a) pedal with the motor turned off. You feel some slight drag when doing this, but it’s minimal. b) Turn the motor on and pedal, and the motor will ‘assist’ you, so you’ll accelerate and maintaining a steady speed is hard. c) Twist the right handlebar grip and let the motor do all the work. You can maintain a speed quite easily in this mode, by keeping your grip in the same position. Let off to slow, twist more to go faster. d) If you follow (c), and maintain a steady speed, after a while ‘cruise control’ kicks in and you maintain that speed – unless you turn off the motor (left handlebar switch) or brake.4. As a ‘keep fit’ bike, expect to have to turn the power off whenever you don’t need the motors assistance. It’s a ‘hub motor’ which operates on the rear wheel and as I said above, it’s not possible to ‘adjust’ the level of motor assistance like you can with assisted pedalling type motors which operate on the crank (where the pedals turn).5. It’s heavier than you think! But I can still carry it up the stairs, but some will struggle.6. The front light is built in, and runs from the bike motors battery. The rear light is supplied, with a battery, and you attach it to the saddle stem using its inbuilt rubber connector. It works fine, but is not powered by the bike motors battery.7. The tyres need to be pumped to iro 35psi and they use the larger valve connector, like a car.It’s a good design and I’m glad I have it, but if an electric mountain bike with a crank motor was lower in price, I’d buy that in preference – as I mainly want it for keeping fit!So I’m keeping it, and using it ‘motor off’ when I can, and motor on, when my knees complain. This is easy to achieve as the ‘on/off’ push switch is by your left hand.I hope this helps someone who, like me, might be struggling to decide what best to buy…

  6. Danna

    Bought it for my Wife to travel to work on. She loves it. Gets her where she needs to go. Goes up banks with ease with her on. 50kg. I used it to drop my car off at the garage 2 miles away. Pulled me all the way home without peddling and I’m 100kg. Very impressed indeed. Could do with being a tad quicker on the throttle. My sons eScooter is much quicker.

  7. beverley

    Its affordable but doesnt do 37miles on a single charge be lucky if it gives you 19 miles b4 battery dies and you have to pedal all the time . Theres no suspension and all the shock goes to the seat into your bottom and lower back . And by time you’ve done your journey your bum and back hurt x speed slows when going up a hill you have to pedal also if very steep hill x and wen going down hill no need to use throttle x and it’s hard to fold as front clip is stiff especially with weak wrists x it’s good for short distances and when battery dies doesnt lock up you can peddle freely but feels different

  8. bev

    Very pleased with this bike so far , brakes needed adjusting as they were rubbing but now all good

  9. Amazon Customer

    Ordered two bike’s for wife and myself. Great little bikes. Took a little while to get used to riding a bike with such small wheels but after that it was brilliant. Great for going up hills without having to pedal till you drop.

  10. Min Bahadur Tamang


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