Sandugo Cycling Shoes for Men Mountain Bike MTB

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Sandugo Cycling Shoes for Men Mountain Bike MTB Cycle Shoes

Suitable Mountain Biking Downhill Enduro Indoor Exercise Bike, Compatible with Peloton Shimano SPD 2 Bolts Pedals

key color 1:As a very forward-looking color of men’s cycling shoes—Black/Orange,it is romantic and refreshing key color 2: Energy silver is offset by black completing a calm yet offbeat palette Material: meshes and TPU in artificial bring out personalized mountain bike shoes ,showing flexible support and breathability. Outsole: Chunky soles are still important.the wrapped molded uneven outsole which have good grip even on the ice are suitable for all terrains from indoor cycling and mountains. Technique:Footwear in artwork shape issimple yet chic,stitches.trimming or cupsole threads on bike shoes are inline with the minimalist futuristic geek aesthetic,Through SPD, people and bicycles are perfectly integrated together Recommended use: cross-country,downhill,enduro,trail,mountain biking,indoor cycle,MTB,indoor spin class…… MTB shoes are designed for use on mountain bike trails. These shoes keep the rider in mind and offer safety, comfort and the ability to seek out the harshest trails without any worries of foot protection. Bike shoes are designed with a stiff soleto ensure proper energy transfer as the biker pedals. These shoes feature different styles. Cleats can be clipped onto pedals or sticky soles for flat pedals to ensure maximum grip. Choosing the right style MTB shoe often depends on the degree of ridingdone on the bike itself.

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Product Description

moutainbike shoes

Sandugo Moutainbike shoes:

Recommended use: off road, downhill, long distance racing, off road, mountain bike, indoor bike, mountain bike, indoor spinning …



mtb shoes

Functional Features :

  • Supple, high-density synthetic leather with perforation and a combination of light mesh fabric / TPU ensure an excellent fit and comfort.
  • Flat midsole that stabilizes the foot and ensures maximum power transfer and efficiency.
  • The durable polyurethane-coated mesh upper material provides support for the foot and the reinforced toe area offers additional protection on uneven terrain. Thick coatings on the heel and toe increase durability and thus extend the life of the shoe.
mountain bike shoes

High-Quality Rubber Sole And Removable Splint Kit:

  • The sole is made of rubber material. The lightweight rubber outsole with a high-tech profile offers the ultimate grip when racing. The dual density rubber compound creates a balance between grip, durability and flexibility.
  • The sole is suitable for flat pedals and SPD pedals. Rider adjustable cleats that can be selected and swapped to suit riding style and conditions. SPD pedal users can easily adapt the sole to different pedals with cleats by removing special inserts that are secured with four screws.

How To Find The Right Shoe Size:




What needs to be paid attention to?

Shoe sizes are not standardized. Every shoe manufacturer uses different measurements in terms of instep height, toe shape and foot width. However, the basis for your own shoe size is always the length of your feet. So you should always determine your foot length before buying in order to choose the right shoe.

Use a pen to outline the outline of the footUse a pen to outline the outline of the foot

  • Take off your socks, place a sheet of paper against the wall, and place your foot on it so that your heel touches the wall. Now use a pencil to trace the shape of the foot on the front of the toes. Hold the pen exactly upright.
  • Important: Both feet must be measured as they are often of different lengths! Feet often swell during the day, which is why we recommend taking the measurement in the late afternoon.

Measure, choose a suitable size

Now you can measure the edge of the paper from the heel to the longest toe and thus determine the length of the foot. Use your longer foot as a guide. We calculate the necessary allowance for enough space in the shoe for you. Leave the size that fits your foot length and the allowance included in our shoe size table to make the right choice.

Shoe Size Comparison Table:


Date First Available

‎ 27 April 2022



Item model number

‎ SDG2007


‎ Men's



10 reviews for Sandugo Cycling Shoes for Men Mountain Bike MTB

  1. Steve C

    I have only very recently converted to clipless peddles and bought these as my first pair of clipped in Mountain Bike shoes and I am very happy with my purchase. In the run up to buying these I tried on and returned a lot of different pairs of cycling shoes which I found were far too narrow for my feet. I wanted a more comfotable pair as I had signed up for a 100k Off Road London to Brighton charity event for the British Heart Foundation so needed something that I could wear comfortably for over 7 hours of riding. From the first time I put these on I found the cushioning around the ankle and foot super cosey. Out of the box they are really well packaged, they come with speare laces so you can go for black or orange which matched the logos for the pair I bought, it has cleat covers and a nice keyring as an added bonus! I went for my initial ride and as with every right of passage for a first time wearer of clipped in shoes I managed to fall off the bike forgetting I was clipped in! During the initial 30k ride my right knee did start to hurt towards the end but I think this is probably fairly normal with the readjustment of going from free feet to clipped in feet and was more to the do with the readjustment of my riding position and the fact the shoes pull the pedals up as part of the cycling motion. I also found my toes started to go numb but after a bit of googling this was simply down to me over tightening the shoes and velcro strap. I loosened the shoes for my next ride which was a 60k on and off-road ride and I felt no pain in my knees and no numbness in my feet. The shoes seem very sturdy and I have now completed my 100k BHF event in these and they were well and truly christened and put through their paces with lots of tricky uphill climbs and pretty exhilerating downhill descents! In comparison to every other pair I tried on these are a winner for me in every way – have also worn them on both a mountain bike and road bike and they do the same job. Hard core cyclinsts may not want this type of look for thier shoes but how they look doesn’t bother me, I really like the fact they’re more of a normal looking shoiw compared to some of the clipless shoes that can be bought. I usually wear a 9 but ordered a size 10 as I have wide feet – would highly recomment these shoes to anyone looking for a decent pair of cycling or MTB shoes and want a bit of added comfort

  2. Rob Allen

    I’m a size 10, ordered a size 10 which fit just a little tight, but i suspect they will wear in. They are well made and look built to last. Good padding inside, warm. Fitted the cleats and went for a walk, no tippy tapping which was good, not ideal for a long walk as they are heavy with little give in the sole. Obviously that’s not the point of these shoes, but you could park up after a ride and walk round the shops in relative comfort in what looks like a normal pair of trainers. On a ride they clip in a easy as any other shoe, the stiff sole is great and I would thoroughly recommend them. I have a somewhat similar pair of shimanos which were almost double the price but are no better than these. All in all, if its a casual looking shoe you want, then you can’t really go wrong with these.

  3. EF from Reading, UK.

    These shoes will not win a beauty contest but they are super comfy. I am normally a 44 but based on my experiences with other companies, I went for a 46, I could probably have got away with a 45 but I have a wide toe box so prefer the roominess of these. They come with all you need (bar cleats) and look well made compared to all of my other shoes.. time will tell but for now, I am happy.

  4. Rachel Guilford

    These are excellent MTB shoes. I have been trying a different pair of Sandugo shoes for several weeks and they are excellent, better than the O’neal shoes i had before and a fraction of the price. I am using them for aggressive enduro/downhill riding and they are holding up very well.The soles are stiff (but not too stiff) and the uppers are durable. The tongue is held in place with elastic which avoids it sliding to one side. The laces and velcro is an ideal binding system as it allows for quick adjustment but without the durability issues of Boa dials. The insole board is a good quality durable material which wont degrade like some insole boards and is easily washed.

  5. Roy Bailey

    i had to send these back due to the fact they did not match my foot dimensions, i have always been a size 9 uk yet my right foot would not fit into the shoe at aii and my left just about squeezed in, overall design of shoe fine, but beware go for a bigger size than you would normally.

  6. Nassereddine atta

    I wanna to refund this item

  7. Ree

    Only had these shoes a week and first impressions are very good. First off, there’s lots of adjustment for the cleats so you can put them where it suits you. The shoes are really comfortable and the velcro straps keep everything tidy. Only issue I can see at the moment is the shoe is close to the crank arm (maybe needs adjusting) so limited space for clicking out but I haven’t had any problems so far. Will update when I’ve used them a few months.

  8. Michael curling

    Used for off-road cycling

  9. Simone

    ancora non le ho usate in bici ma le ho tenute al piede 2 ore. Sembrano veramente ottime, un po calde per il periodo ma fatte bene.

  10. Marcel

    Mostly Positive
    Pros-Comfortable, 26 miles of riding and my feet felt well protectedRugged, they can take quite a thrashingStylish, I’ve gotten complimentsReally easy to slip on and off when you want it but very secure when you need them to beCons-They do not grip nearly as well as a cheap pair of skate shoes let alone actual mountain bike shoes. So you tend to want to be clipped in.Not great for walking around a lot. I find the cleat will scrape on concrete often.I may be an outlier but when I’m going down some hairy decents for long periods of time, my toes go numb. Maybe I have bad posture

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