HOMCOM Adult Teen Push Scooter Kids

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  • This scooters for teens comes with heavy duty steel frame and foot plate. 16″ Wheels with inflatable tyres.
  • Height Adjustable Handle Bars (92-100cm.) Scooter Dimensions:143(L)x58(W)x92-100cm(H)
  • Front and Rear Brakes of this kick scooter for kids gives all those tricks that extra stability as well as being able to safely stop.
  • Maximum weight up to 100kg. This kids scooter is suitable for ages 5+ to adult.
  • This scooter bike is flat-packed and assembly required, but with an instruction.

HOMCOM Adult Teen Push Scooter Kids Children Stunt Scooter Bike Bicycle Ride On 16″ Pneumatic Tyres

Product Description


This stunt scooter will be a perfect present for your kid or bring fun for yourself. It features strong steel frame, 16″ pneumatic tyres, front and rear calliper brakes, height adjustable handlebars, and vibrant paint. These scooters are ideal for joining in when out with the kids or for things like dog walking.

  • Heavy duty steel frame and foot plate. 16″ Wheels with inflatable tyres.
  • Safety pads on stem and handlebars . With Side stand.
  • Height adjustable handle bars (92-100 cm.)
  • V-Type Front and Rear Brakes gives all those tricks that extra stability as well as being able to safely stop.
  • Maximum weight up to 100 kg. Suitable for ages 5+ to adult.
  • It’s flat-packed and assembly required, but with an instruction.


  • Brand new in good condition
  • Colour:Black/Pink
  • Overall Dimensions:143(L)x58(W)x92-100cm(H)
  • Deck Size: 36(L)x12cm(W)
  • Height from deck to floor :11cm
  • Inflatable 16″ tyres : rubber
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100 kg
  • Custom Label:53-0016(Black)





Ergonomic Design

  • Heavy duty steel frame and U-Type handle bar provide extra stability and safely ride with


  • Height is adjustable from 36.2″ -39.4″ to meet different body sizes


  • Large foot plate with inflatable tires for smooth and stable scooting


  • Textured handlebar for a safe and comfortable grip, brake is included for a quick and safe stop
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 143 × 58 × 100 cm
Age range


Brake type

‎Front Braking





Hand orientation




Frame material

‎Alloy Steel

Item display length

‎143 centimetres


‎10 Kilograms

Material type

‎Alloy Steel

Number of items



‎Adjustable Handlebar Height, Rubber Wheels, Dual Brakes





Wheel size

‎16 Inches

Included components

‎HOMCOM Adult Teen Push Scooter Kids Children Stunt Scooter Bike Bicycle Ride On 16" Pneumatic Tyres (Black)

Batteries included?




Maximum weight capacity

‎100 Kilograms



Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎143 x 58 x 100 cm; 10 Kilograms



Date First Available

23 Oct. 2014



10 reviews for HOMCOM Adult Teen Push Scooter Kids

  1. Adam K.

    Good build quality easy to assemble great fun sturdy scooter’s.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I’ve had my scooter around a month and I use it most days. It performs perfectly as I need it to, it looks cool, it’s comfortable and easy to ride and therefore provides me with better exercise than walking without me really committing to going out for exercise.My husband bought a scooter too after trying mine (different brand, different seller) which broken within days so he’s replacing it with one of these. My 5 year old also has a smaller different model from this brand which he loves.Assembly wasn’t overly complicated… Or so I thought… I am someone who’s never even dealt with a punctured tyre before, no experience with bikes or anything. So I put it together out of the box, felt rather confident, used it fearlessly for a few days, and then I experienced a few issues. I asked my husband to have a look at it and it turns out I’d set everything up wrong, so the brakes didn’t work right and the steering felt wobbly. WHOOPS! Anyway, after getting some help with it and learning a few things, it’s all good now. It shouldn’t be a problem if you have even very very basic experience with bikes or similar things.If you’ve never tried a scooter before and you’re on the fence I really do recommend it! I gave up sports when I was pregnant and have been stuck in a rut for so long. This is exactly the kind of fun toy I needed to get me off the couch. I’m enjoying this summer SO MUCH since I got it, a scooter just adds fun to silly daily things like picking up milk and equally becomes an activity in itself if you find a cool location to explore. And it’s great for family time, you can easily take them around parks and greenways and such and it is just such wholesome outdoors fun.I’ve added a wicker basket to the front and handlebar streamers and spoke clips now, and replaced the sticker which says “scooter” on the frame with some cute vinyl stickers I bought online so it really feels unique. I’m honestly like a kid again! I’ve been showing it off toy friends, and getting compliments non stop. The woman who runs my local garden centre asked for a go of it the other day and immediately decided she wanted a scooter too!Sorry, I know this has been kind of a gushing review but honestly, I just REALLY LOVE the product. I swear I’m neither an advertiser nor a lunatic 😂😂Bonus: I love how tiny a scooter is compared to a bicycle, it’s so easy to find a tiny spot to lock it up if I’m in the shop etc!The only negative thing I will say is there’s a little bit of flexibility in the frame, which makes the pegs basically useless because if you put the weight of your (let’s just say left) foot onto the peg while your right foot is on the deck, things feel a little misaligned. It’s something extremely minor which causes no problem while riding normally, unless the pegs are one of your main reasons for buying. Personally, I prefer it without them anyway.

  3. Andy B

    No. 1 rule of parenting – don’t let them have all the fun.The reviews don’t really do this justice (for the price). It seems many didn’t properly understand what they were buying. This is essentially a stretched BMX reasonably sized for a teenager or small adult (I am a large adult and it works ok for me – though some observations later).Notes:1. This is effectively a bike without pedals, as such it needs the sort of level of setup and adjustment that a proper bicycle does. In particular you may have to look up how to correctly setup “side pull” brakes. I found a decent tutorial on Youtube easily enough.2. The weight limit is likely down to the tyres as tyres rated for higher weights would add considerably to the price – I may upgrade them at some point.3. In general it is well made and the brakes work ok once correctly set up – though of course at this price the components are fairly cheap.4. It is long and fairly heavy – don’t buy this for a kid in primary school and expect them to glide about effortlessly.5. Watch the pegs on the back don’t catch your ankle as you scoot.6. The handlebar grips are a little small for large adult male hands – they are usable but I will likely change them.7. The max height of the handlebars is ok for me at 6’2 but would be nice 10cm longer. Most people should be fine.8. It comes with a reasonable selection of tools but you will likely also need an allen key set, a decent adjustable spanner, and a socket set would make adjusting the breaks easier.9. It is heavier to push and loses momentum faster than kids scooters, this makes it harder work. That said it retains grip in the damp and stops better than kids scooters. I had to increase the tyre pressure higher than I would like in order to reduce the rolling resistance, may have to replace the tyres with stronger / higher pressure ones at some point.11. The stand is simple but seems well positioned and works well.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Great scooter for my teenage son.A few sharp bits but just take care when using but easy to assemble and my son says it’s really smooth to ride

  5. jd dallinson

    i bought 2 of these together for my grandaughters a pink one and a black one, I’m an experienced cyclist and do a lot of maintenance on my bikes so this was gonna be easy, well no, the build was pretty much straight forward it all went together as it should, could i set up the rear brake on the black one could i eck the pink one I had no issues at all. the black one the wheels run free the steerers ok the front brake was easy to do etc but there’s no even tension on the rear, i re tensioned the arms ( i think the tension screw is just there to fill the hole made for it as this did absolutely nothing) i took the wheel out mocked it all back up tried the rear brake all worked as it should wheel back in same issues measured the wheel axle thats ok. i’ve had to leave it with too much play in it for my liking it works ok and brakes the wheel and luckily its the rear. just a bit more handle pull on the leaver. one other thing the nuts on the calipers front brakes were mis matched too on both bikes one dome nut one open nut, washers missing, i evened them up from my parts bins but its the little things like quality control, for £70 odd quid its not bad at all but anyone feeling they cant build it will prob pay another 40 quid at a bike builder to have it done.

  6. Audrey Williamson

    Good for bumpy ground. Also, having brakes is good, suitable for a heavier person.

  7. Trevor w.

    My son uses this scooter and he loves it very well made

  8. dean k.

    Very heavy and hard to move. Daughter wasn’t impressed.

  9. jill martin

    It took a bit longer than I expected to assemble, especially the brakes. The only thing I wish it had is mudguards. Having a bit of trouble getting some. Apart from that I think it’s great. Mind it’s a lot harder to do than it looks, but hopefully with a few more tries it will get easier. It’s a great way of toning from belly down.

  10. Emma

    This scooter is a beast! It’s sturdy and built to last. The pneumatic tyres make it a comfortable ride for my 9year old. More work is required to scoot with it being heavier than a little micro scooter but I don’t think it’s too bad – yes, of course I’ve had a go too!Like other reviews have mentioned, it’s best to keep the stunt pegs off the back wheel whilst scooting because it’s very easy to clip your ankle (and they reaaaally hurt!). Easy enough to screw on and off though.I had a few issues building this so had to get some help from my dad. The instructions aren’t the clearest but I’m sure there would be YouTube tutorials about setting up bike wheels/brakes that would help.I had a few issues with my original item but the customer service I received from MHStar was fantastic and I now have a replacement scooter that it brilliant.

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